About Me

Proudly entertaining no-one since 1984…

My name is Steven Sands, born and raised in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom and currently working as an IT Engineer for a private infrastructure services group. Although I do know my around operating systems and servers, I’d by no means call myself an expert; maybe an enthusiast would be a better term. I’m using this blog/site to record what I’m upto as my memory is fast fading and there will be so many memories that I’ll forget. If anyone else heads over and takes a look then it will make the experience even more deserving!

These are my twin clan ❤️ – Alfie (left) and Charlie (right). Aged 3 and a half when this pic was taken.

Music is pretty much my life; I’m either listening to it or playing it! I play guitar mostly, although can play bass too – I’m no wizard on the strings but I get by not too badly. I’ve been involved in a couple of bands where we’ve always written our own songs and I’ve written some solo stuff, we did it for fun though, never trying to make the big time. The two bands I’ve been involved in are Mangasm and The Electronic Males – both of which you can find out about on this site.

My time is limited these days as I became a Dad to twin boys in 2016 – the best thing that has ever happened to me. I adore my boys and love spending as much time as I can being Daddy.

If you wish to contact me for any reason, please do so here.