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Social Media Icons Mix

2020: The social media exile experiment

Armed with an unnerving exploration into the full T’s and C’s of each social media platform and an unease at many of the recent data leaks and breaches of the ‘big guns’ such as Facebook; I attempt to make 2020 a social media free year.

Edge Dev Channel

Chromium Edge is actually pretty cool!

It was a big step for step for the boys and girls in Redmond. They acknowledged that Microsoft Edge had fallen out of favour – in a big way. The take-up of the new, modern browser was slow to begin with, and then stuttered out

Manic Street Preachers TIMTTMY Album Cover

Truth & Memory

For anyone that knows anything about me they’ll appreciate my borderline obsession with Manic Street Preachers. While ‘Everything Must Go’ is my go-to album I still have a soft spot for their most popular album, 1998’s ‘ This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours’. To


The Twins First Song!

I’m not trying to force the boys down the musical route but they have always taken a liking to singing and dancing. One of their favourite things to do is belt out the theme tune to one of their favourite cBeebies programs: Waffle the Wonder

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