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Website Surfing

The never ending quest for the right domain name…

Another few months goes by and once again I cannot decide on the right domain name. The journey to finding the perfect (and non-taken) domain name seems to be a long one – at least for me! After ruling out for being too long

Web Platform Installer Screenshot

Thanks for leaving me on an outdated SQL, Microsoft…

Note to self – don’t trust doing things the ‘easy’ way. You may have used Microsoft Web Platform Installer yourself on Windows Server -it’s an easy option to get one or two click installs of the most common web apps. I used the wizard for

Wordpress on IIS

They always said don’t install WordPress on Windows IIS

Come back Apache, all is forgiven. So in the small (ok, mega-tiny) chance you visited this site earlier in the week you would have noticed it was slightly more populated then this. This is because I’ve had to re-install the darn thing from scratch again

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