Web Platform Installer Screenshot

Thanks for leaving me on an outdated SQL, Microsoft…

Note to self – don’t trust doing things the ‘easy’ way.

You may have used Microsoft Web Platform Installer yourself on Windows Server -it’s an easy option to get one or two click installs of the most common web apps. I used the wizard for my WordPress installation as I’m very lazy, and having done it manually myself over the years, I thought it would be far better to let automation help me out.

I thought nothing of process until a few days later when I happened to check the version of MySQL the installer had given me – 5.1. Oh yes, let’s roll back to November 2008 and grab ourselves a copy of the MySQL’s flagship build eh? (Aside – Beyonce – If I Were A Boy was number one that month – good tune). Officially out of support in 2013, I’ve no idea why the installer defaults to giving anyone this version when 5.7 has been around more than long enough, and version 8 is now becoming the standard. Luckily, a backup of the database, and removal and an install of the new version isn’t hard to do, but I do question the logic sometimes of automated all-in-ones. The purpose is to make life easier for us techies – but not at the cost of leaving people open to vulnerabilities.

Lesson learned – don’t trust automation. And robots, they look shifty.


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