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The never ending quest for the right domain name…

Another few months goes by and once again I cannot decide on the right domain name.

The journey to finding the perfect (and non-taken) domain name seems to be a long one – at least for me! After ruling out for being too long and for ring fencing purpose too much, I’ve decided to take a punt on Nominet’s new offerings. According to their website the new names are designed with individuals and bloggers in mind. My ideal domain name of seems to be have been taken and parked by some WordPress hosting company who show no desire to have it taken from their grasp. To be honest, why would they anyway? If they can make money out of it why not? They got there first and that’s the way of the world.

Luckily in today’s world there is a plethora of choices for a domain name – from country specific mainstays, to newer variants – the market is flooded. However, finding the right fit seems to be a lot of trial and error. Hopefully this new name will still ring true 6 months on!

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