Website HTML example

Website Refresh: A splash of hex colours and a lick of CSS…

The old theme had so many weird functional PHP edits made to it, one was surprised it still rendered.

Website HTML example

Yet it did load, and it remained my go-to default look for a few years way before this current iteration of a blog existed. Getting to know a theme is often a labour of love; you come to understand the complexities of what it does well, and often you’ll spend countless hours trying to force it do something you want it do, but the author had no intention of incorporating during the creation process.

So it was time to wave goodbye to our old, mangled and poorly edited previous dressing, and embrace (via an angry cuddle) a more sophisticated model. One would hope this at least makes my rambling, incoherent and untimely posts easier on the eye. However, like they often say, it’s hard to polish a 💩.

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